Bilingual Reading Networks


Our projects aim to elucidate the neurocognitive mechanisms underlying typical and impaired reading in bilinguals. We use a combination of behavioural assessment and neuroimaging techniques to investigate the neural reading networks for bilingual readers from a variety of language profiles, across early childhood and adulthood. Our projects will shed light on the impact of critical factors (e.g., orthographic depth of scripts, auditory perception skills) on the bilingual reading networks. Our findings will provide implications for neuroscience-informed remediation of reading difficulties for bilingual readers.

Completed Projects:

  1. Effective Biliteracy: The Impact of Script Sets on Bilingual Reading Networks for Typical and Atypical Readers - funded by NTU-JHU Collaborative Grant
  2. Modulating Reading Networks -funded by NTU-JHU Collaborative Grant
  3. Cognitive Science of Multilingualism In Children (COSMIC) - funded by National Research Foundation

Research Output:

  1. Publication: Reading proficiency influences the effects of transcranial direct current simulation: Evidence from selective modulation of dorsal and ventral pathways of reading in bilinguals
  2. Publication: Simulation analyses of tDCS montages for the investigation of dorsal and ventral pathways
  3. Conference Poster: Scripts of Mother Tongues Affect Cortical Structure in Bilinguals’ Reading Network
  4. Conference Poster: The Impact of Script Sets on the Functional Organization of Bilinguals’ Reading Network
  5. Conference Poster: Cortical structures in the reading network correlate with reading proficiency in early bilinguals
  6. Conference Poster: Could tDCS Modulate Bilingual Reading?
Chiao-Yi Wu
Chiao-Yi Wu
Lead for SoL in Emerging Skills

Chiao-Yi is a cognitive neuroscientist and currently an academic faculty at the National Institute of Education. She loves learning languages and is enthusiastic about how human brains learn language and reading.

Rajan Kashyap
Rajan Kashyap
Lin Hsin-Yu
Lin Hsin-Yu
Research Associate & Lab Manager
Teo Jia Li
Teo Jia Li
Ph.D Student
Annabel Chen
Annabel Chen
Professor of Psychology
Lab Director

Dr. SH Annabel Chen is a clinical neuropsychologist, and currently a Faculty member of Psychology at the School of Social Sciences.