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Cognitive and neural mechanisms of learning and interventions for improvement across the adult lifespan: A systematic review protocol

Background: There continues to be growing interest in the Science of Learning including identifying applications for findings from this work outside the laboratory to support learning. Presently, there exists a gap in our understanding of learning …

Understanding of Psychological Literacy: Comparative Insights From Undergraduates in China and the United Kingdom

Background: Psychological literacy has attracted considerable attention globally. However, no study has focused on this concept in China, where interest in psychology is growing. Objective: The present study aimed to investigate perceptions of …

Subjective versus objective language proficiency measures in the investigation of bilingual effects on cognitive control

Purpose: Bilingual language experience is thought to confer non-linguistic benefits in general cognition including improved cognitive control. These bilingual effects are most often observed in samples of bilinguals who are highly proficient in both …

Is there a foreign language effect on academic integrity?

In China, the prevalence of academic dishonesty has attracted considerable negative attention. One explanation for observed differences is found in cultural norms around the acceptability of individual unethical academic behaviors. The establishment …

Reading and Math in Young Children

Recruiting children from 5-7 years old!

Improving Cognition through Dance in Older Filipinos with MCI

Improving Cognition through Dance in Older Filipinos with Mild Cognitive Impairment

Understanding Brain Networks of Reading and Math

We study brain networks of reading and math.

Defining the Science of Learning: A Scoping Review

This article synthesizes a working definition of the Science of Learning by performing an exhaustive review of all previously published definitions. Findings from this article support effective communication between stakeholders about what the …

Mapping the Cerebellum to the Neural Network of Reading in Bilinguals

Neuroimaging studies have proposed that reading operates via two routes in the cerebral cortex; a sub-lexical dorsal route which maps written letters to corresponding sounds, and a lexical ventral route where corresponding phonological forms are …