Perception of Real vs. Fake Information

Investigating the neurocognitive processes underlying the belief in fake/real information.

Improving Cognition through Dance in Older Filipinos with MCI

Improving Cognition through Dance in Older Filipinos with Mild Cognitive Impairment

Cerebellum & Language

We study cerebro-cerebellar pathways and their roles in language.

Understanding Brain Networks of Reading and Math

We study brain networks of reading and math.

Centre for Lifelong Learning and Individualised Cognition

From neuroscience to the practice of learning: an in-depth investigation into cognitive flexibility.

Active Aging Lifestyle

A development of an intervention program ExCITE for aging population.

Behavioural and Neural Correlates of Deception

An investigation of deception and trust.

Bilingual Reading Networks

An investigation of the neural reading networks for bilingual readers.

Promoting Effective Biliteracy

A project that aims at promoting effective biliteracy in early childhood.

Translating neuroscience for educators

An attempt to increase accessibility of cognitive neuroscience findings.