Complex Span


Complex Span is a PsychoPy implementation of a working memory span task, adapted from Gonthier et al. (2015). Working memory is a critical component of human cognition and can be defined as the ability to store and process information simultaneously.

The task comprises of 2 components, the simple span and the complex span. The simple span portion presents to-be-remembered consonants, where participants are prompted to type in the correct verbatim recall as each set size increases. The complex span portion interleaves processing and recall tasks, where open-ended arithmetic operations are presented before to-be-recalled consonants are presented as each set size increases.


Complex Span is currently used in our lab to supplement the analysis of behavioural and neurocognitive correlates in the Deception Project.


Lau, Z. J., Pham, T. T., Makowski, D., & S H Chen, A. (2019). A Psychopy Implementation of the Complex Span for Working Memory Assessment. Retrieved from