Brain literacy empowers educators to meet diverse learner needs


Walker and colleagues (2019) posited that brain literacy has the potential to help educators meet the needs of diverse learners. They considered three factors: (1) the foundations for incorporating neuroscience in professional educator development; (2) a brief review of the science of learning literature; and (3) the potential benefits of teaching practices informed by neuroscience knowledge compared to traditional teaching practices. They concluded with three strategies for developing brain literacy in educators, as a starting point for translating neuroscience knowledge into classroom practices.

Walker, Z., Hale, J. B., Chen, S. H. A., & Poon, K. (2019). Brain literacy empowers educators to meet diverse learner needs. Learning: Research and Practice, 5(2), 174-188. doi:10.1080/23735082.2019.1674910
Annabel Chen
Annabel Chen
Professor of Psychology
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Dr. SH Annabel Chen is a clinical neuropsychologist, and currently a Faculty member of Psychology at the School of Social Sciences.