Understanding Dyslexia

Who are we looking for?
Children with and without Dyslexia with the following criteria:
1. 7 – 10 years old
2. Mainstream Schools
3. No history of neurological/psychiatric illnesses or chronic medical condition
4. Right-handed

What is in stored for you?
Part 1 (Venue: any where conducive)
1. Paper- and- pencil, and computerized tasks (About 30 mins)
2. Questionnaire about attitudes towards MRI scanning (About 30 mins)

Part 2 (Venue: NUS; Clinical Image Research Centre)
1. MRI Scan (About 40mins)

A small token of appreciation will be given for your participation. Please contact 9057-0998 or email clinicalbrainlab@gmail.com for more information.

Ethics has been approved for this study (IRB Approval Number : 2014-08-041; 2014-11-005; B-14-266)