Dr Monika Sobczak-Edmans
Former Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Division of Psychology
School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Nanyang Technological University
PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience, Brunel University London, UK
MSc in Functional Neuroimaging, Brunel University London, UK
MSc in Clinical Psychology, UMCS, Poland

Professional Experience
Part-time Lecturer, Brunel University London, UK
Teaching Assistant, Department of Psychology, Brunel University London,UK
Psychologist, PPA, London,UK

Research Interests
Synesthesia, cross-modal perception, consciousness and altered states of consciousness, social cognition, neuropsychology

Book chapters
Sobczak-Edmans, M. & Sagiv, N. (2013). Synesthetic personification: The social world of graphemes. In Oxford Handbook of Synesthesia, ed. Julia Simner and Edward M. Hubbard, 222–238. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Amin, M., Olu-Lafe, O., Claessen, L. E., Sobczak-Edmans, M., Ward, J., Williams, A. L., & Sagiv, N. (2011). Understanding Grapheme Personification: A Social Synaesthesia? Journal of Neuropsychology, 5, 255-282.

Sobczak-Edmans, M. (2011).Neuromity w nauczaniu szkolnym (eng. Neuromyths in the classroom). Annales UMCS, sec. J(Pedagogia-Psychologia), 24(1):77-82.

Selected conference presentations
Edmans-Sobcszak, M., & Chen, S.H.A. (2017) Modulation of resting-state networks by visual working memory. INCF NeuroInformatics 2017, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sobczak-Edmans, M., Williams, A., & Sagiv, N. (2012). Is self-projection the key to understanding the attribution of agency to graphemes in sequence-personality synaesthesia: A neuroimaging study. UK Synaesthesia Association Meeting, April 14-15, Merton College, Oxford.

Sagiv, N., Sobczak-Edmans, M., Ilbeigi, A., & Williams, S. (2012). Social Synaesthesia. 4th
International Congress on Synesthesia, Science and Art. Feb 16-19. University of Almeria, Spain

Sobczak-Edmans, M., Sagiv, N., & Williams, A. L. (2011). Automatic attributions of human qualities to graphemes and linguistic sequences in synaesthesia: an fMRI study. 15th Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness meeting, June 9-12, Kyoto, Japan.

Sobczak-Edmans, M., Sagiv, N., & Williams, A. L. (2011). Personification and the brain: An fMRI study. UK Synaesthesia Association Meeting, March 26-27, University of East London.

Sobczak-Edmans, M., Sagiv N, & Williams AL (2010). Reflections of the self: A neuroimaging
investigation of the link between animistic thought and self-processing. 14th Association for
the Scientific Study of Consciousness meeting, June 24-27, Toronto , Ontario , Canada

Sobczak-Edmans, M., Williams, A. & Sagiv, N. (2010). Synaesthetic personification: New perspectives on social cognitive neuroscience. UK Synaesthesia Association 4th Annual Meeting. March 27-28, Brighton, UK